Go back to the office tiny thoughts Apr 21, 2022

Everyone seems to be talking about the return to the office. We talk about individual preferences, productivity, commute, distractions...

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Be special tiny thoughts Apr 19, 2022

For obvious reasons, entrepreneurs tend to embrace innovation. Not only does it not matter to them that “this is the way things...

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Grow up tiny thoughts Apr 12, 2022

When you first start a company, everything is informal. Employees’ email addresses have their first name but no last name, because...

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When to start tiny thoughts Apr 05, 2022

Every now and then, a founder assumes that because I do this finance thing, I must believe it’s the most important aspect of...

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What if tiny thoughts Mar 29, 2022

One of the main ways the finance function makes your company better? Systematisation. Especially as you grow.

If we know how much revenue...

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Look tiny thoughts Mar 22, 2022

Almost every time I give a talk, I am asked where founders should start when it comes to managing their company’s finances. Every...

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What do you care about? tiny thoughts Mar 15, 2022

“I can either be a good employer, or make a lot of profit.”

“Food is either tasty, or healthy.”

“You can...

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A (much) better way tiny thoughts Mar 08, 2022

“I have heard that no company is ever profitable in their first eight or so years,” a friend recently said to me, challenging...

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Your time is money tiny thoughts Mar 01, 2022

When forecasting the financials for almost any business, there is a need to estimate the cost of people’s time.

How much does half...

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High touch tiny thoughts Mar 01, 2022

A friend recently complained to me that some of her customers have lots of special requirements. One has slightly different payment...

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Double down tiny thoughts Feb 22, 2022

Every now and then, I need to estimate how financially attractive some future opportunity is. What if we expand to Germany? What if we...

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Simpler tiny thoughts Feb 08, 2022

If you run your own company, chances are you’ve tried calculating something before.

Quite often, you start with a relatively simple...

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