Your time is money tiny thoughts Mar 01, 2022

When forecasting the financials for almost any business, there is a need to estimate the cost of people’s time.

How much does half...

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High touch tiny thoughts Mar 01, 2022

A friend recently complained to me that some of her customers have lots of special requirements. One has slightly different payment...

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Double down tiny thoughts Feb 22, 2022

Every now and then, I need to estimate how financially attractive some future opportunity is. What if we expand to Germany? What if we...

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Simpler tiny thoughts Feb 08, 2022

If you run your own company, chances are you’ve tried calculating something before.

Quite often, you start with a relatively simple...

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If I charge $x... tiny thoughts Jan 01, 2022

“How should I price my product?” It’s a question I hear quite often, and no wonder: pricing is one of those things that...

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The place to be tiny thoughts Jan 01, 2022

“It’s hard for businesses like ours to be profitable/fast growing/whatever because [insert a genuinely sensible reason...

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How much will you spend on groceries next month? tiny thoughts Jan 01, 2022

Sometimes founders assume that if a financial forecast is good, it will predict the future with 100% accuracy – and when I tell...

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All the good reasons tiny thoughts Jan 01, 2022

"If I hire a CFO, they will make me do things I don’t wanna do, because they only care about the numbers.” This is a concern...

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Either or tiny thoughts Jan 01, 2022

“Let’s hire Sally – she’s looking for a new role, and I could use some help.”

“Let’s spend...

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Context is king tiny thoughts Jan 01, 2022

Every founder cares about the top line – how much revenue is coming in. This number is almost impossible to miss (although...

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The magic of it all tiny thoughts Jan 01, 2022

“Once I learned how to do this, I realised – wow, this stuff is really powerful! It's one of those things that's been...

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Automate, automate, automate tiny thoughts Jan 01, 2022

“If I did this two years ago, I’d probably save myself a month of work in total.” This is the kind of realisation that...

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