Be special

tiny thoughts Apr 19, 2022

For obvious reasons, entrepreneurs tend to embrace innovation. Not only does it not matter to them that “this is the way things have always been done” – anything that is seemingly set in stone presents an opportunity to break new ground.

But there is a time and a place for innovation – and a time and a place for doing what everyone else is doing.

Originality at all costs can really backfire when you extend it to incorporating an unusual kind of entity, experimenting with hyper-creative investment terms and employee option schemes, or spending money you don’t have on building a custom backend solution when Shopify would do. Just because “we’re not like everyone else”.

Having seen this trap play out a few times, I try to be extra mindful with big decisions, and ask myself – is this the time to be special, or is this the time to follow the herd?

There are a whole lot of un-special things about Tiny CFO. It’s a standard UK limited company, the website runs on Kajabi, the accounting runs on Xero, I talk to my customers all the time just like YC recommends. Yawn.

But where being special makes sense is in the areas that are a part of your USP. I believe that entrepreneurial finance can be fun and easy and enjoyable, and – having fallen asleep on top of many corporate finance textbooks in the past – I shrug off anyone who says I need to make it dead serious.

What makes you special?

Love and cash flow,


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